life update: april 2020

Hey guys!

As we’re all aware the entire world is in a time of transition.

For many of us, the structures of our lives have been taken away.
However, despite the impact of outside circumstances you are in control of your life.

Over this period of self-isolation, I have reflected inward and practiced grounding myself to our new reality.
Regular practice of yoga and meditation (hippie-dippy sh*t) help immensely!

Even just a few minutes daily adds up.

I have been loving ADRIENE and KASSANDRA for yoga stretches and workouts. Adriene also has some pretty awesome meditations on her Youtube channel.

For meditations, my go-to podcasts are PURELY BEING, MINDFUL IN MINUTES, or WOMEN’S MEDITATION NETWORK.

All of these can be found on Apple Podcast or Spotify! I also encourage taking a solo search for “guided meditation” to see what else is available!

Channeling my inner energy and thinking about what I want to do with this time has sparked many mini fires within me.

I have a ton of ideas in the works including a scholarly article on authenticity and its relation to success that I cannot wait to share with the world. And while I love creating content for my blog, other aspirations of mine are calling me.

I have decided to take a hiatus from blogging to pursue other projects.

I appreciate the time spent reading my content. More to come in the future.

Keep up with me on INSTAGRAM in the meantime.

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