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a woman of many talents.

23 year old urban gal with an engaging, fresh, and contagiously optimistic approach to life.

  • feature: camille mola, positive publicity
    The best public relations practitioners are flexible, curious, and bold individuals. My dear friend, young professional, and city gal Camille Mola, fits these adjectives flawlessly!
  • the art of self-dates
    Modern culture places such heavy emphasis on romantic love. As if finding the perfect partner fills inner voids, solves all problems, and completes the ideal life!
  • i’m back.
    Yo, what’s up guys!? It’s been a minute.
  • update
    For many of us, the structures of our lives have been taken away. However, despite the impact of outside circumstances you are in control of your life.
  • been there, done that
    Hey guys! The world is in a weird place right now to say least. Who would have thought in 2020 humans would be encouraged to stay indoors while penguins at the aquarium are roaming freely!

” My age does not disqualify me from anything. “

– Kenzie Elizabeth, The Living Room