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monthly favorites: january 2022

A new favorites post highlighting my most loved fashion, beauty, skincare, and random products from the month is here! Enjoy.

monthly favorites: october 2021

monthly favorites: october 2021

Finally a new monthly favorites post! Here you will find my most loved fashion, cosmetic, skincare, and random products from the month of October. Enjoy!

life update: october 2021

It’s been over a year since I posted a life update. Many events took place between now and then. I wrote this post to share what I have learned interim.

recent reads

recent reads: august 2021

Recently I’ve been enjoying some books, and I wanted to share them with y’all! I have compiled a list of titles and my own little tidbits. Enjoy. 🙂

august mood boosters

I’ve compiled a list of some mood boosters to spark inspiration for y’all!

the art of self-dates

Modern culture places such heavy emphasis on romantic love. As if finding the perfect partner fills inner voids, solves all problems, and completes the ideal life!

life update: april 2020

For many of us, the structures of our lives have been taken away.
However, despite the impact of outside circumstances you are in control of your life.

been there, done that

Hey guys! The world is in a weird place right now to say least.
Who would have thought in 2020 humans would be encouraged to stay indoors while penguins at the aquarium are roaming freely!


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“Language is rife with ambiguities.”