cocktail recipe: bloody maria/mary (tequila/vodka)

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a huge fan of tomatoes, but this cocktail is delicious. 

Think brunch cocktail… Irish coffee, mimosas, bloodys…
Are you against bloody marys and bloody marias because you think they’re gross? Maybe you’re thinking, “It’s like drinking tomato soup!”  

My friend, I was once in your shoes.
I spent many years missing out on how good these daytime-oriented cocktails can be!
But hey — you no longer have to miss out because I am going to share my recipe for making a kick-ass brunch cocktail you’ll love.

Cocktail Ingredients: 

  • tequila
    (My preference is homemade jalapeno-infused Espolon Blanco. I can make a blog on that if y’all are interested!)
  • V8 tomato juice
  • pickle juice
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • horseradish
  • lemon 
  • lime
  • hot sauce 
    (I looooove Cholula)


  • celery 
  • pickle  
  • lemon and lime wedges

Spicy Rim Mix: 

  • kosher salt (coarse or flaky) 
  • tajin 
  • garlic powder 
  • onion powder
  • paprika (smoked, if you have it)
  • dry mustard powder 

Go Time:

  • Prep the glass. I like using pint glasses or mason jars.
  • Mix rim spices on a medium-sized plate. Be generous!
  • Using a lime wedge, wet the rim of the cocktail glass. With the rim wet with lime juice, dip it into the spice mixture, then twist the glass to coat it all the way around.
    PRO TIP: Put the rimmed glass in the freezer while you mix the cocktail.
  • Maria or Mary?
    3 oz. liquor of choice (tequila or vodka),
    6 oz. tomato juice,
    a teaspoon of horseradish,
    juice from freshly squeezed lemon and lime wedges,
    1 oz. pickle juice,
    worcestershire sauce,
    and hot sauce to the cocktail shaker. 
  • Add a few ice cubes, then shake that baby up! 
  • Get your frozen glass and fill it with some ice. Add celery. (Do not forget the celery!!)
  • Pour and enjoy. 

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