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to my past self

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“Remember how far you’ve come. Write a eulogy for your past self.”

Dear Alex,

I wish I could experience the bliss of naivety again — just briefly.

You thought you knew it all. But there is so much you have yet to find out.

Be kind to yourself.
Don’t just promote self-love, actually learn to love yourself.

Stop repressing who you are for fear of ridicule.
You are your own worst critic.

Learn how to validate yourself rather than relying on others to validate you.
You can’t love anyone else until you’re able to love yourself.

Although I would love to believe simply telling you this is enough to help avoid the inevitable troubles ahead, it isn’t.

There are going to be times when you are going to question why this bullshit happens to you;
keep on keeping on.

You may feel as though the entire world is against you, but it’s not.

Give people a chance! Sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised.

It is okay to rely on others. It is okay to build relationships.
Intimacy has many facets.

Vulnerability does not equate to weakness.

Be more in tune with your feelings.

Take notice to who is surrounding you when you are most happy or most fearless.
Keep those people near and dear to you.

However, keep in mind, relationships expand and contract.
Whomever is meant to be in your life will be there as they’re meant to be.

Value the people in your life.

Be kind to all — you never know who someone may be to you someday.

While I feel as though there is so much more to say, it doesn’t really matter what I do or do not divulge… you won’t truly learn until you deal with the situations first-hand.

You are smart, beautiful, amazing and everything else that goes along with that. Remember that always.

Love you,


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